moving - residential

We can help you spend less time and money moving. Why make a terrible process last longer? We’ll deliver plastic boxes right to your front door, so there’s no running around for you, no taping up the boxes, no breaking down the boxes, recycling or storing them.

The cardboard box thing is kind of peculiar. What other product do you buy and then discard a few days later? If you feel funny about getting rid of the boxes then maybe you store them in your basement where they get moldy or eat up valuable storage space. Greenbox solves all of these problems. Our boxes show up when you need them and then go away when you don't.

Our durable and reusable boxes were designed to minimize packing time--Greenbox boxes are four times faster than setting up and packing cardboard boxes  and your stuff won't get crushed. 

Our boxes can be used approximately 500 times before we recycle them, so each box saves 500 cardboard boxes from being used over its lifetime. This saves precious resources and minimizes landfill use.

So what's not to like? It's faster, cheaper, environmentally sane, and you can get back to your life sooner and start enjoying your new place.

Greenbox delivers green moving boxes and eco-friendly moving supplies to homes in Addison, Chittenden, Washington, Grand Isle and Lamoille counties.