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Greebox Order Form

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Please note that all orders are subject to local sales tax.

Greenbox rentals are for two weeks. If you would like to keep the boxes longer, please let us know how many extra days or weeks you would like to keep them, and we will provide you with a revised quote. Thanks!

The following is our best attempt at providing you with a tool to estimate how many boxes you should order, however, you know your stuff, and you should feel free to substitute your judgment for the estimator’s. General rules of thumb are: the longer that you have lived there, the more boxes you will need; if your house, apartment or condo has a basement, garage and/or attic and you use these for storage, etc., then we recommend that you add about 20 additional boxes. If you’re a clotheshorse, request a couple of additional wardrobe boxes.


Box Packages
bedrooms# of boxes# of wardrobe boxesprice for two weeks
Micro Move  1 large
10 medium 
4 small

15 boxes total
1 $69.00
1 bedroom  3 large 
12 medium
10 small 

25 boxes total
2 $102.00
2 bedroom  5 large 
20 medium 
20 small

45 boxes total
2 $161.50
3 bedroom  13 large < br />26 medium
26 small

65 boxes total
3 $250.50
4 Bedroom  15 large 
35 medium
35 small

85 boxes total
4 $323.00