welcome to greenbox

Greenbox was created as a solution to the enormous amount of waste created by moving. Instead of buying cardboard boxes for your residential or commercial move, you rent plastic reusable boxes from us. If you need packing materials, we can supply you with eco friendly packing supplies too. We deliver the boxes and packing materials, you move them, and then we come and pick up everything fourteen days after delivery. It’s that simple.

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Greenbox will make your move a cost-effective and convenient one—no driving to the store to buy boxes, no need to tape them together, and then break them down after your move. Our earth friendly reusable plastic boxes and moving supplies replace traditional moving supplies like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and Styrofoam peanuts. Temperatures permitting, our trucks run on biodiesel (refined from 100% waste vegetable oil). With Greenbox, you get all of this and the satisfaction of knowing that your move is a zero waste move.